Why Teach In Hunan, China

Experience diversity and history

Chinese culture is significantly different from the British culture. Within China itself, the large geographical area means that there is much diversity to be enjoyed, both ethnically and culturally. Beyond that, China has a rich history, spanning over 5,000 years.

Hunan Province is located in the middle of China, with the Yangtze River flowing by just to the north. It covers an area of 211,800 square kilometres (almost 90% the size of the entire United Kingdom!). Hunan is famous for its cuisine, characterised by its strong and spicy flavour––this is one of the eight major styles of cooking in China.

Gain international work experience and transferable skills

In today’s globalised economy, international work experience is highly sought after. In addition, you will develop a set of transferable skills that go beyond teaching in a classroom. For instance, you will learn how to communicate effectively to an audience with a different first language, while indirectly also enhancing your interpersonal skills. Beyond that, you will also be able to immerse yourself in a completely different language, achieving a comfortable level of Mandarin-speaking skill.

Make a global impact

By working with a variety of students from around the world, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these students. You have the ability to determine how much of an impact you want to leave on these students––to challenge their (and your) pre-conceive beliefs, and push the boundaries of their creative thinking.

Have an adventure of a lifetime

As a famous historical and cultural city in China, Hunan has around 300 places of interests with strong historical significance. During your time in China, you will be able to enjoy an attractive lifestyle and unparalleled opportunities for travel with convenient local transportation and low-cost flights.

Enjoy the low cost of living

Despite the Chinese economy being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today, you can expect to get almost everything in Hunan at an affordable cost, allowing you to have monthly savings.